Travelsox info

Not all compression socks are the same.

Graduated Compression is very important it has a higher compression in the feet and ankle and reduced gradually to the top just below the knee.

Many Compression socks start at the ankle however,  the Compression should start Mid-Foot to support the Plantar Fascia, which is the connective tissue on the bottom surface of your foot.  Proper compression will support and prevent blood from pooling in your arch area in your feet.

The Best socks have Silver Dry-Stat, this is a Quick Drying polypropylene that is infused with silver.  Besides resisting odors, they have anti microbial and anti bacterial properties.   Other benefits:  Less blisters, cool dry or air dries quickly, long lasting.

Circular Graduated Compression is patented by Travelsox and Vitalsox and since other forms of graduated compression are still graduated but since they are vertical it is not the same benefit of this patented process.